ACL Access Control Limit: the structured management by groups or by hierarchical levels of the permissions of the users who can access the VisionPanel. In a nutshell: who can do what.

Dashboard: the Dashboard is your instrumental panel, the main page you are in after logging in. Provides quick links to the VisionPanel main panels.

File Manager: the File Manager is the Panel that allows you to upload and manage all your image and video files on the Visionbox Cloud. You can create folders to keep your files organized and it also provides convenient image editing features: Resize, Crop, Rotate and Flip.

Help Desk: dedicated support for assistance requests and troubleshooting.

Dynamic Modules : dynamic contents (e.g. Weather Forecast, Time and Date, Social) which can be inserted in the appropriate Template Positions.

Panel: the individual areas of Visionbox back-office (VisionPanel).

VisionPanel (Control Panel): is the entire back office of management of your Visionbox system.

Position: each Template is divided into one or more portions, which we call Positions, in which the Modules can be published. Depending on the template chosen, each position has its default size, which can be verified from the Template Panel by clicking on the template preview image.

Devices: are the physical Devices where the VisionPlayers of your Network are located.

Quick Dashboard: located in the upper left corner of all VisionPanel areas, it provides links to all Panels of your Visionbox system. Each icon represents the Panel to which it is connected and the mouse will indicate its name.

Refresh: instant updating of the contents in the desired Devices, individually, in groups or of the entire Network of Devices.

Scheduling: scheduling means programming the display of your Modules over time. Set a start/end date/time/month for each Module you add, with the possibility of assigning them to the different Devices also in different ways.

Smart Slider: module with which you can create sliders of images, videos or mixed content that can be customized by applying many animated effects and transitions.

Slide: each Slide is a “diapositive” of your composition (Slider) created with Smart Slider.

Template: the Template is the division of your monitor into spaces. Each space is called Position, the Modules are assigned to each Position. You can independently customize all the available templates by entering your company’s logo and colors.

Toolbar: the toolbar changes dynamically depending on the Panel you are in, providing you with the tools necessary for managing the individual Visionbox features.

Virtual Tour: guided exploration of the main features of VisionPanel.