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Schedule and Assign the Module to the Device

Do you need to configure a hourly schedule for your Modules?

Access the Modules panel from the Dashboard.

Modules Panel

Select the Module you are interested in programming, then click on the Assignment button.

Select Devices to which the module will be associated. If you want to associate the Module with all Devices leave the button on Ignore.

Ignore button

If you want to differentiate the association of the Module with different Devices click on Include and select the desired Devices.

Include button

On the contrary, the Exclude function allows you to work with the reverse logic: that is all Devices except the selected one.

Exclude button

Once you have chosen Devices to which you want to associate your Module, you can configure a time schedule to make the Module appear only for:

  • A date range
Date range
  • Certain seasons
  • Certain months of the year
Months of the year
  • Certain days of the week
Days of week
  • A time interval (e.g. only in the morning).
Time interval

Once you have set the parameters you want, click on Save and Close and you’re done! 

You can check the correctness of your time schedule through the list view, calendar and timeline.