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Randomize image-only Slides

Access the Smart Slider panel on the Dashboard.

Click on the Slider where you want to randomize. Once in the Slider, click on Add to Slide.

Then on Dynamic.

Choose the dynamic source clicking on Folder.

Once in the dynamic source, you can choose whether to import your images from a single folder, or even include sub-folders. In alternative, you can also choose folders of videos. In this guide, we choose to import images from a folder including its subfolders.

Remember: you need to have previously uploaded the files to File Manager.

On the next screen, click on Folders (1) to select the folder uploaded in File Manager that contains the images you want to view on your monitors. From the Generator Settings, select the number of slides to be retrieved (2), then click on Records (3). The table that appears will show you the randomize images.

Instead, in the Cache expiration field (4) you can set the time interval after which the Slider should show a different variation of Slide.

For example, if you set the cache to expire 24 hours, the Slider show a different Slides variations once this time interval has elapsed. Clearly, in combination with the scheduled refreshes. Instead, if you want to show different variations of Slide consecutively, you have to set cache expiration time to 0. We’ll explain you later how to set the variations number.

Lastly, click on Save (5).

On the next screen you’ll see, click on Slider and you’ll return on the previous page.

Here, switch to Expert mode (1) to unlock more functionalities for your Slider and click on Slides (2).

In this tab, you have to enable Randomize Slides button (1) and Randomize first slide (2) button in case you want to create the random effect from the first image. In the Cache variations field (3), you can create as many random versions of the Slides as you define in the variant, according to the set number. In Maximum slides count (4) it’s possible to set the number of slides to show in every variation. A value which is independent of the number of images retrieved during the configuration.

Click on Save to apply all the changes. To see the final results click on Preview.