Charts Module Configuration

Charts Module allows you to show charts directly on your monitors!

Access the Module Panel from Dashboard.

Modules Panel

In the toolbar, click on New.

New Module button

Select the Charts Module.

Click inside the Module and choose the Title (1). Make sure it’s a title that lets you quickly understand what you are viewing (for example, Chart | Weekly trend). Select the Position (2) from the dropdown window on the right. Then, click on Save (3) to apply changes.

Module title and position

Tip: Clicking on Position a drop-down menu appears. Here you will find all the Templates and the related positions. Templates are highlighted in bold. Choose the position of the Template you used to show the chart inside your broadcast.

Move on to the Module configuration. Let’s start clicking on Chart Settings.

Charts settings

From the Bar Type field, you can choose the type of chart. Vertical, horizontal, line charts, pie and doughnut charts.

Chart's bar type

From Type of data field you can set up single data or grouped data. Move on to the corresponding tab to start adding your data.

Chart's data type

From Chart Title field you can set the title that will be shown on the screen..

Charts title

From Width and Height Chart field you can set the dimensions related to the position of the Template you use.

Width and height Chart

From Set line color field you can setup the lines and borders color of your chart.

Chart's line color

Single Data

From Single Data tab you can insert the charts data differentiating them individually. 

Single Data Chart

Click on button to start adding your data.

From the Bar Label field you can set the label on the x-axis (1). From the Data field insert the value of the bar label that will be shown on the y-axis (2).

At last, set up a color from Set color field to differentiate datas (3).

Single Data Chart settings

Final result will be:

Charts preview with single data

Tip: to complete the Module Charts configuration, you must assign the Module to the interested Device (Schedule and Assign the Module to the Device).

Grouped Data

From Grouped Data tab you have the chance to use data in a grouped way.

Grouped Data Chart

Tip: make sure that the Chart labels quantity (1) is the same as the amount of data inserted (2).

Grouped Data Chart settings

From Bar label field you can set up a label on the x-axis (3).
From Type field you can select the chart type: bar or line (4).
At last, set up chart color from Set color field to differentiate data (5).

Final result of you chart will be:

Charts preview with grouped data

Once all datas has been inserted, click on Save and Close to apply changes.

Save and Close Module

Once the Module has been assigned, wait for the automatic updates set in the early morning or perform a manual update (Manual refresh of Devices) if you want to update immediately your broadcast.